Should I sell before or after Christmas?

November, 2020

Everyone is asking us "should I sell before or after Christmas?". We love to help where we can at Tumbi Estate Agents so we've listed both the pros and cons to selling before Christmas! 


Less competition
Sellers usually wait until after Christmas to market their properties. This gives you a great opportunity to sell your house as there is less competition.
Stamp Duty Relief
The stamp duty relief deadline is quickly approaching and buyers looking to take advantage of it must act quickly. Waiting until after Christmas reduces their chance of completing in time.
Be in for Christmas
Buyers love to be in before Christmas and this can create a sense of urgency and motivation for you buyers to progress as quickly as possible. This can help to reduce the chances of a cancellation.
Starting the year fresh
We all expect to see the posts such as “new year new start”. However 2020 has been awful for lots of us and to start the year in a fresh home could be a great incentive to buyer.


A stress free Christmas
Christmas is a time for fun, family and food. Do you really want to to be having viewings, dealing with paperwork and packing at Christmas?
Less buyers
Historically, there aren’t as many buyers at Christmas time. This could mean that you have less chance of finding a buyer quickly. However this can be easily overcome by the lack of competition that’s out there.
Ultimately the pros and cons are pretty much equal and the answer depends on your individual circumstances. If you’d like to discuss when the best time for you to sell is, get in touch!

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